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DIY Bread board holder

The beauty of being an antique dealer for almost 30 years now is having all the wonderful fragments to work with. Every day when I go to work I find items that once were something, but now are just a question of what to do with.

So at the same time creating sales for the antique dealers within my shop I am able to re-create items and make them useful once again.

Todays project is an old bread board that was never rounded on one side, and a dozen rake ends. I guess the rake ends could have been useful for a peg rack, but I needed a rack to hold my bread boards.

So I drilled holes and lined the rake ends 21/2 “ apart in rows. (When drilling the holes I put a piece of masking tape on the drill bit so I would drill the same depth on all holes. It worked great and after I removed it from the drill bit.) I did 3 rows because the board was only 13”x 9”. You could do this on a larger scale and use it for a dish rack.

This was a pretty simple but useful project. Recycle, repurpose and reuse.



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