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Re-purposing the discarded


Re- purposing to me is when you can find discarded antiques and turn them into valuable ones again with just a little creativity and work.

I travel all over New England looking for Antiques and while I am on the road I often find items that used to have purpose but are no longer needed and just put aside. Some times these pieces can be made useful again and used within your home.

This pieces was found in Pennsylvania (one of my favorite shopping places) and was used for grain at one time . (mid 1800's) No longer in need it ended up on a porch of an Antique shop. Because of the size ( 9 ft x 2ft x 2ft depth) there really was a limited market for it . To big for storage, two big for coffee table, etc.

Because it was old enough to be in a red original paint and in good structural condition, to me it still had to have a purpose. So I purchased it ( $200.00 )and brought it back to N.H. Lucky for me we have a 12ft trailer for just this reason. ( Again you know my husband Tom Loves this when I do it )

We (my husband ) took the piece and cut old beams from a barn to bring the piece up to table height. Then ordered glass ( 9ft x 4 ft x ½ thick ) from a local glass shop. I filled the inside with dried bread and baskets , rolling pins etc. Mixed it with a collection of odd antique chairs and put it out for display.


Within a week the old piece from Pennsylvania now found a home in New Hampshire. It isn't used for what it was made for anymore but now loved as a dinning room table . This grain bin that had minimal antique value left now had a new decorative, unique, and useful value to it.

This isn't the first time we have done this to save and re-purposed an antique and won't be the last. The value on this isn't in the financial end for me . It's all about re- using what we have and creating uniqueness in our lives. I look at this table and see that there is only one like it and that makes the owner unique and they can also tell their friends the history of it and how it got to them.

I encourage this generation and anyone to get interested in the history of what is around us and become collectors which is long term investment. But also be creative and and have fun. What do you have laying around that could be re-purposed?



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