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Not everything is black & white ...


Not everything is black and white: Well it is in this local New Hampshire House. Industrial mixed with 18thCentury and new.

I wanted to share with you a recent experience I had visiting a home. This gentleman had been a customer of mine for years , buying silver, Asian items and early furniture etc. I never thought twice about how he was decorating with the items. Now I know......

I have to say that I am not a reader of magazines for decorating myself. I kind of do what I want and sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. For me it's about the fun of collecting and the intrigue of re-creating.

I have a friend in Manchester N.H. That I found to be in my league. If you had described to me his decorating style I might of just thought “not interested” but to see it for myself I am impressed !

His name is Tom and I was lucky to be invited to his home. He had said to me “I want you to see my house” so I said I would love to come.


Wow is the first word or thought I had when entering the first room , the kitchen... Tom has painted his walls black gloss, trim and all. Then accented the windows with stark white shutters. I have to say again that just by description this wouldn't sound impressive , but it was. His unique style of blending industrial shelving for cabinet display in hi kitchen, (making almost a bakers working kitchen,) is not only functional for entertaining but attractive to the eye. All the glass, chrome, and black make a great combination. The checkered floor helps too.

As I went into the rest of the house nothing seemed to form any pattern but the gloss black walls (honestly he pulled it off well). His style is definitely his own and what he likes. (may I say he has a great eye for antiques), It went from Asian to chandeliers to 18th century pieces. All tastefully displayed and used for his own purpose. Nothing was from a book or how he was told to do it. He just filled the rooms with what made him comfortable. And to me each room was a master piece.


Now this wasn't even close to my own style but I am writing this because it was wonderful and daring and it showed me there is a lot out there that can be done if you just be yourself and explore. Blending antiques that you have with modern day items can not only be good for an investment but make your home individual as well.

I would love to share with my readers anyones home that is unique and blended.

Thanks Tom for allowing me into your home and sharing this story.


I am not a writer or photographer so please understand if the pictures do not do his home justice... I tried......


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