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Modern Day Kitchen Island!


Who says an old industrial work bench can't be re- purposed into a modern day kitchen island.

That's what we did here for one of our customers. I have to say when I picked this old work bench up again I said I wished I had the room for it in my own home. (you know Tom my husband was happy I didn't.) This work bench was two tiered and had a few drawers besides. How useful is that.

The woman who bought this said it was going to fit like a glove in her kitchen and be a perfect work station island for her and she was right. It makes me so happy to see thing once they are in the homes. Usually we sell items not knowing where they are going and how they will look, but this past couple of times I have been lucky to do a follow up on pieces.

Isn't it great to see old items re-purposed into new uses. You just have to use your imagination and think out side the box. You know for sure none of her friends have this island in their kitchen. So now this old bench just became a conversational piece. I love it !!

The one final thing that would be great to know is the story behind this bench. Why it was made, for what company and who worked at it . Imagine it was never thought to be in someones kitchen. I guess though for now we just have to be happy knowing where it is and what it's being used for now. Enjoy Kirsten !!!

Be creative be different and enjoy the resources we have out there already. ANTIQUES


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