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Making an Investment.....why not?


Making a good financial investment sometimes can be just as simple as the items you purchase for decorating your home.

I spend a lot of time out in retail stores watching people buy items that duplicate antiques. I often wonder why they just don't buy the real thing. It's like enjoying what you buy and putting money in the bank.

I was recently at a nearby retail store and saw a couple of these white bowls in peoples carts. The were prices at $18.00 each. So I went back to my shop and found a similar bowl that would serve the same purpose, it was priced $22.00. ( this bowl was a piece of Ironstone from the late 19thCentury, it was used as a wash basin in it's time.)

The condition of the Ironstone bowl was like new with no damage, yet it was over 100 years old. OK let' say you buy the older bowl, then in 5 years you get sick of it and decide to sell it. I would be safe to say that the bowl is worth at least $15.00 if not the same value and in some cases even more than you paid for it .

Now let's talk about the other bowl you bought new. Try selling that. I know it would be worth about$1.00 by the 5 year time if it made it till then.

Seems simple doesn't it !

I am not saying that you should just buy antiques all the time. But if you are trying to duplicate it into your décor why not buy the real thing. Want a couple of reasons again:

1- Investing (making your money back in the end)

2- Individuality ( having something similar but different than the mass produced items out there)

3- History ( antiques have a story to tell , and that is something you can share with your family and friends)

4- Keeping it green and recycling.

The end to this story for now is, Don't be afraid, go to your local antique shop and see what they have to offer when you are looking to ad a piece to your décor . Or maybe you just want to start a collection. For what ever reason you are buying, become and investor, and buy smart. Donna


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