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Grain troth and glass make a great table!


What does a ten foot sheet of glass and a farm troth and Pennsylvania have to do with one another? Well if you read my diary than you know I had written about my trip to Pennsylvania and how my purchases didn't quite go over well with my husband. As I remember his words exact were I picked up a lot of stuff.. (which to him is junk, and why do you buy this kind of stuff).

Not to say he doesn't keep an open mind to things I purchase and a lot of time help in the transformation of them, but a lot of times he shrugs his head and says why and who else is going to want it .

Well one of the items I purchased was a eight foot long farm troth in a white original finish. It was so sweet, Original metal wheels and had such a natural aged finish to it. I admit it was pretty large and maybe not for anyone who wasn't daring like myself.

After being displayed for awhile, a customer of the shop who was renovating an old home and also furnishing it. We were talking about wouldn't this troth look great as a table for a country dinning room he said let's give it a go and see what it looks like. So off I went YES!!!!! this would be so much fun.

I ordered a 10 x 4 ft sheet of ½ glass ( from a local glass Co. Granite Glass in Manchester N.H. ) and had then nip the corners for child protection. . I have to admit when the glass came in I though this is one huge piece of glass.

We then wire brushed down the troth to get any loose paint off and to bring a little life back to the aged wood. It worked and did it clean up nice. Remember were talking about an items that has been in and old barn for years and years just servicing feed , grain etc.

Ok now next came putting them both together the glass and troth .. All I can say is the customer was lucky I didn't have the space for this table because it would have been tough to part with it. It came out spectacular. What a great center piece for any dinning room. As I had said to Andrew you could fill the inside with items or just leave it empty as I would just to show off what it was. But either way this was going to be a great addition to his home.

Now here comes the best part. We brought this to his beautifully restored home and he had already picked up his six chairs and bench from Pottery Barn to go with it. We had discussed older chairs but with him and his wife and son I suggested a more durable new chair might last longer in a young family environment. So the set they chose was perfect six chairs , four on one side and one on each end and a bench on the other side.

They really went well and pulled this all together. I have to admit it came out different than I thought and in his room became almost Scandinavian style, when combined with a 1920's bead board cupboard in a light green, and a wonderful family heirloom oil painting on canvas.

Well I could go on and on but you look at the picture and see it all for your self. Now remember I am no photographer and this is just the beginning of his room decorating . But I think you can see clear enough to see that almost anything can be transformed and saved and re- purposed into something special again. Use your imagination and let your thoughts go wild.

I guarantee that no one has this for a dinning room table . What a conversation piece. Enjoy it Andrew Grace and Jamie.


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