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Gardening fun!


When it's winter and you begin to itch for a little spring in your life? Jump start the season with a little gardening project.

OUTDOOR GARDENING SPACE: If you are lucky enough to have yard and garden space, consider adding a gardening or potting shed to your property. The sky is the limit with regard to the many forms a garden shed could take. Peruse several old home and garden magazines for ideas and inspirations. Begin your collection with a potting table. This can be a table of any size or proportions. To the table, add a few vintage flower pots and perhaps a couple of hand garden tools in bright colors. Incorporate a shelf above the table and throw a few gardening books on it along with a couple of planters and/or flower pots. Don’t hesitate to buy a couple of pints of brightly colored spring paint to use along the way.

Bring in a couple of old wonderful old galvanized tin buckets and fill one with potting soil, the other with crushed stone. Buy an old sieve-about 2’ across-and hang it on the wall, along with a wonderful old framed flower print. Next, find a chair – any old straight chair will do, and paint it a bright color – a sunflower yellow would be great. Add a floral cushion to the chair seat and pull it up to the gardening table. Next, find a small table or bookshelf and put it on a wall beside an easy chair. The chair can be an old overstuffed one from your basement or from a local flea market. It needn’t be much to look at – just toss a brightly colored throw over the upholstery to dress up the chair (a colored bed sheet will work just fine).

Throw down an old well-worn rug on the floor. Haunt your local flea markets, yard sales or antiques shop and come up with a few animal shaped planters from the 1940’s and an old crusty watering can. Add a few favorite flowers to old flower pots. Throw a couple of gardening tools in the corner of the room and your garden oasis will be complete. Even a very modest space can provide a desired getaway in which you can take a few minutes from your routine, and relax, sip a glass of iced tea, and enjoy a good book or magazine in the comfort and privacy of your own private space.

INDOOR GARDENING SPACE: If you don’t have a yard or garden with your residence, bring the outdoors inside, 365 days a year. Simply do an abbreviated version of the above in a corner of your living room – or bedroom. Your ensemble might consist of only a small “potting table” by a window with a lamp and an easy chair. Add a couple of potted plants, and a couple of small gardening implements, a gardening book or magazine, and this addition will add a whole other dimension to your living space.

When shopping flea markets and antiques shops for your “necessities”, do not be intimidated by rust, weathered wood or paint, chips, cracks or any number of other endearing qualities an item might possess. This often makes an item more affordable, and certainly it will add an air of timelessness to your space. Just imagine, these items were cherished and loved enough to have been preserved and maintained all these years in spite of their minor flaws. DREAM….IMAGINE….. DO!


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