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Bring the Season of Spring Inside


When is spring coming ......... Why not bring it in now, as many stores have a great selection of plants and flowers. So why not set aside an area within your home and decorate it with the outside. You don't have to have a yard or outside space to feel like a gardener. Bring it all indoors and wake up everyday to spring.

Stop by your local antique shop and pick up vintage garden tools and maybe a potting bench, or better yet something you could make into a bench. Pick up some of those sweet English red ware pots and display them stacked and some with plants in them.

How about watering cans. They are useful for watering those plants and decorative as well. Show your friends you have gardening skills with minimal effort. I don't know about you, but spring always puts a smile on my face. Why not smile everyday.

Make a list of items you might want to have for your display. Bench, (if you don't have the space , how about a small shelf?). Pots (an array of colors are nice to have as well as the red ware ones). Garden tools, moss, seed packets, watering cans, sacks made of vintage material for potting soil etc. I could go on and on.

Have fun and remember everything you pick usually reflects YOU... so what a great way to express yourself. Donna


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