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Beeswax, who would of guessed it could do so much?


I have a friend (that started off as a customer). Her name is Deb and we started off by just sending her Lily of the Valley items because she lives in Alaska, and can only get so much for her collection. So we keep our eyes open here and when we get things we send photos for her approval and then ship directly to her.

Well after a couple of years after meeting her she came back for a local family visit and she and I went to lunch. Now being friends we see each other every time she visits her Mom and Dad right here in Goffstown N. H.

Her parents make honey right here locally in Goffstown and this year during Deb's visit (which was also the week of the opening of The Mercantile in InfusionNH (in the lower level of the shop). I went into her parents house to pick up some beeswax just because I like the way it looks. Then I came home and did some research on beeswax and found out about all the things you could do with it . Wow!!!!!

Did you know that bees wax is not just for candles? I am sure you probably already know that you can melt it and mix with other products and make lip balm, moisturizer, etc. But did you know you can take 1 teaspoon and mix it with 1 cup of mineral oil, microwave it till melted and then use it directly on your granite counters or even cement counter (like I have in my own home). You do a small area at a time and wax it on and then buff it off.

The second thing that impressed me was you can also use the same mixture on your cutting boards to keep them conditioned. Is that good information to know ?

I was impressed and it doesn't stop there if you google uses for beeswax, there are a lot more. Check it out and pick some up and see what you can do with it. You can stop by the shop if you are nearby as we have some in the shop right now.




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