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Antique Teddy Bear Compact


I want to share something with you that I recently purchased from another antique dealer. I thought this was the sweetest little thing. This is one one of the reasons I love the business that I am in; to find the unusual items from the past. The unusual part about it is that his head is removable and his chest opens and inside is a mirror and compact compartment. In the head is a tiny lipstick.

This bear is from around the 1920's. It was manufactured by the Schuco Co. (which was a bear and toy manufacturer. It is mohair and only 3 1/2” long. This bear was made as a novelty for women, and given from their man as a gift. How sweet was that.

They also made monkeys that were perfume jars and a couple of other animal figures that served dual purposes.

Obviously you can tell this is the first one I have seen. That is why this is so fun!. I have seen a lot in the 25+ years in the antiques business, so when something comes along that I haven't seen, it excites me. If you have something that is unusual and want to share it, I would love to hear from you. I hope you enjoy looking at this bear. Donna



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