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An eye for the unusual!


I recently returned from a buying trip to Pennsylvania, I have to say that owning my own shop I really don't get out much to see whats out there, other than short trips within my own state. There are a lot of beautiful shops in western Pennsylvania. The countryside is beautiful as well.

When I got home with my trailer full of what my husband calls stuff ( he must mean fine antiques), I was so excited to do a little re-decorating within my home and store. I bought a mixture of things from a few nice antique items to a cow troth over six feet long on wheels and in white paint, (he was particularly fond of that piece, ha ha ha).

You see I have an eye for the unusual (you can imagine what he says about the word unusual) and I am also daring enough to put that in my house and have a glass made for the top or maybe even use it just the way is. I love when people come in and say what is that??? Ha ha ha ha ha . The more you can re-purpose antiques and even the unusual the more individual you are. I love seeing things only once and not seeing the same things over and over, and that's in homes, stores and even in magazines sometimes.

I sometimes pick up an item and flip it upside down and sideways to figure out how I can do something else with it. I try to never follow a pattern when decorating. No color scheme, not just antiques, or collectibles, no traditional, contemporary, or rustic for me . I just do what I want and whatever makes me feel comfortable within my own home. Although I must say I do only have antiques, industrial ware, used and what my husband calls just plain junk. But its fun and a good mix for me.

With Fall here and the Holidays coming, everyone starts entertaining. Why not step out to an antique shop, a show or auction and treat yourself to an unusual piece and have fun decorating with it in your home. If you need any help feel free to call me and I will try to help point you in the right direction for what you might be looking for.

I am not going to show you the troth today because I am not sure if I will keep it or it will be in the shop for sale, but what I will show you is this: How about decorating with just a piece of base board with blue paint on it. That's right, just hang it on the wall, why not.......

If you have a home with an unusual style for decorating, I would love to see it and possibly share it on my web site for others to see. Have a great Fall and stop by the shop and see us.



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