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Here Today, Destroyed Tomorrow - Donna Welch and NATGEO


Brian and Lee of Danley Demolition are in Manchester, N.H., at an abandoned boarding house.It’s a giant house with multiple rooms, and what they can see is a huge pile of toilets, which pretty much means all the good salvageable stuff is gone.

In an effort to beat out their competitor, Boston Jim, they bid lower than they’re comfortable with, which only increases the pressure on them to find good stuff hidden away. Unfortunately, because Brian and Lee are under so much stress to find treasures, they completely overlook a tank in the basement with more than 50 gallons of oil in it. At the last minute, the oil tank is spotted, averting an environmental mess. At the end of the day the team discovers a handful of random items, profiting a couple thousand dollars from an antique silver salt and pepper shaker set and a tiny old collectible teddy bear makeup kit. Add those to an old Harley Davidson and a Coke sign, and they turn a tidy profit.

Articles printed in the Hippo Press by Donna Welch, proprietor


For several years now I have been writing a column for The Hippo Press located in Manchester NH. It has been nothing short of fun giving values to peoples questions on antiques they have acquired. If you get a chance pick up The Hippo Press and check it out. My column is Hidden Treasures.