Matthew Mead's "Ultimate recycled style guide"

We were lucky enough again to share in the fun of Matt's new book. Showing things within my home and parts from the shop and Infusion N.H. To me it's natural to mix new with old, to blend recycled with antiques and just be myself and decorate with the things that bring a smile to my face daily.  Try it !!!! Do something different and start your own trend.

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Matthew Mead at From Out Of The Woods

I am so excited to have had some of our Infusion N.H. items pictured in the Matthew Mead and Ki Nassauer's, "Flea Market Style" magazine.  I believe that infused items are a great way to keep it green.  Enjoy  Donna

An Old Chair + wood screws
An Old Chair + wood screws = funky shelf!

Retool an old desk or dining chair to become a wall-mounted display. Meld the pieces with wood screws and glue, then screw the chair to the wall, using drywall anchors.
Dog-eared dresser + wood dowels
Dog-eared dresser + wood dowels = CLEVER PLATE RACK

Cut wood dowels to fit the space where drawers would fit, then stain them to match the dresser's finish. Fix them in place using wood glue and brads.

Matthew says "I'm inspired by everything my friend Donna Welch creates in her New Hampshire store,a From Out Of The Woods Antiques, so it's hard to pick just one favorite. But this rack is such a clever idea, and handy for a dish - collector like myself."
scrap wood + lost instruments
scrap wood + lost instruments = CULTURED DISPLAY

Use a cello as a template for a wall shelf, cutting the shape using a jigsaw, then slicing it down the middle. Attach the two halves using L-brackets, then screw them to the wall. Cut a violin in half and use epoxy to glue the halves to the lower shelf.
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