Infusion New Hampshire


Infusion NH is about creating items form things you have.

 This ram weathervane now has a new look, with an original ram horn on one side and some new old mop fragments all over.


This is now a one of a kind!

 This is assemblage Art and is called 

There are always two sides to everything!


Infusion N.H.

 Was located within the lower level of From Out of the Woods Antiques since 2006. Infusion N.H. is an artistic form inspired by love, knowledge and passion for antiques and recycled items. We are continuously developing new innovative pieces from fragments of the past infused with a modern touch, for your décor today. We have been selling to the community re-purposed furniture, unique decorative items and have been providing a lot of fresh ideas for decorating within the home. Because the items we work with are recycled, all items can vary slightly in size, shape and pattern if multiple items are made. Some of the items we make are only available in small amounts because of the limited availability.  I don't try to copy items nor make things the same as your neighbors. Instead I create outside the box and make unique pieces to love and promote individualism.  As of 2019 I will be exhibiting at shows of choice. Looking forward to seeing you out there! Donna